Hire a Business Manager to Widen Your Storage Business

The storage industry is a highly lucrative one as the demand for all types of storage including household or commercial has gone up tremendously in the past few years. Storage have become an absolute must for industries and factories to safely keep and store equipments, devices, machinery spare parts, supplies and also lots of business documents. Space becomes a big question in such situations and industrial floors cannot be littered or cluttered up with these things.

There are different types of storage that can be used in factories and industries depending on the kind of items that you need to store. Large containers and boxes are required for keeping equipments and devices while smaller ones are necessary for the spare parts. You would also need shelves and racks to place your business documents in a neat and organized manner. There are many enterprises and business organizations specializing in the sales of commercial storage. You can easily find a good storage company with the help of reputed employment agencies.

If you are the business owner of a company dealing with industrial storage, then you would know the importance of a good business manager especially if you have many shops or units. An experienced business manager is a must if you have expansion plans and want to take your company to the next level.

Most recruitment firms now have online websites which can be used to post advertisements. You too can do the same to find a business manager who is not only qualified but also has years of experience in the storage business. The best thing about posting such an ad is that you can state all your requirements like qualification, experience, salary package, location and special skills if any required. This makes sure that only the right candidates approach you helping you save precious time.

Some of the benefits of purchasing industrial storage from reputed companies are that they offer customized solutions for each need of yours. These containers and units also come with many security features as most of the equipments and machinery will be very expensive and the documents stored will be priceless.

Employment agencies are one such venture which were specifically created to cater to storage businesses and companies within the big city for hiring both local and overseas talent. These recruitment firms can also assist you in hiring part time, temporary and contract staff especially during peak seasons when you require extra personnel to meet deadlines. There are also resumes of fresh graduates and apprentices who are looking for the right employer to start off their career in the storage business.

Hiring a business manager can certainly bring a lot of difference in your business in widening its wings to reach greater height in no time. There are many who are unaware of this, but once you start up with the right candidate with enough experience in the same field you will find your business soaring up high!

These storage enterprises also offer containers, units and even complete rooms on a lease basis too. Payment options are also flexible which gives the business owners time to assess the storage units and then purchase them.

Taking Local Businesses to a New Level With Smart Devices!

Have you ever wondered what the statistics are on Local Businesses Advertising in today’s information age. It’s astounding; let me give you some information that may help you in your business.

Firstly what are the statistics saying:

Today’s Business Owners are faced with enormous problems! WHY?

- Internet Search results are dominated by large corporations

- Business Owners have a lack of knowledge on listings, rankings, campaigns and traffic

- Believe they can’t compete on an economical basis

- Business Owners are stuck in the old advertising mediums

Advertising Before the Internet!

- Television

- Phone Directory

- Direct Mail

- Telemarketing

- Print Advertisements (Newspapers)

- Radio

How Times are Rapidly Changing

What do you think is happening to the above Advertising Mediums?

- Newspapers Declining

- Television Expensive and not very Affective

- Phone Directory Expensive and Declining Rapidly

- Direct Mail 1% to 2% Yield

- Telemarketing Do Not Call List

- Print Advertisements (Newspapers) Rising Costs and Declining Rapidly

- Email Spam Software

- Radio Expensive and not very Affective

More astounding Statistics!

1 Trillion number of webpages in the world

50% of small business are without a website

78% of households have two or more computers

82% of local searches that result in offline actin

0% without a website presence, you have 0 chance in connecting with local consumers performing online searches

What Local Search uncovers and Why Mobiles!

3% of all 5 to 8 year olds in Australia now have a mobile phone.

There are 11.3 million internet users in Australia.

64% of Australian households have internet access.

Australians spend 22 hours average online compared to 14 hours average watching television.

In most areas of Australia, more than 50% of internet users log on everyday.

71% of all American Adults use the Internet.

91% of all Internet users use a search engine to find information.

Over 50% of all purchases are preceded by an internet search.

30% of all search queries contain city, state or postcode.

There are 2.6 billion local searches a month.

There are 5 billion plus mobile phone users versus 1.8 billion internet users, plus 51 million of these users have Smart Phones.

There is a fundamental shift in how people are communicating – Internet and Mobiles.

Mobile Phone Text Open Up rates are 95%.

What does this have to do with Your Business! Have you got the message Yet! Or do you need more Statistics!

73% of new Mobile phone buyers report that text messaging is the most important feature on their phone.

The typical mobile phone user now sends more text messages than calls.

Generation Y and Z consider email out dated!

You can purchase traffic for .02 a click!

The next step for mobile phones is the Credit Card on your Phone!

Now that I have bombarded you with the Statistics, can you see now that Local Business need to be smart and start advertising in the updated mediums that consumers are using. Having NO website is not good practise; you can’t survive in these times.

Questions you should be thinking about!

Having a website isn’t enough!

How do people find the website?

How do you drive traffic to your website?

Are you satisfied with your current website presence?

How can I get more customers to my business?

You can go and purchase Services from Search Engine Optimisation Companies to provide you with strategies to help you, but they are just too EXPENSIVE for most Local Businesses!

Take a breath!

There are easier ways to learn how to get your business listed and seen on the internet and with smart devices!

* Google Listings including Maps and Places

* Google have a number of services available that can help in your business like analytics, AdWords, AdSense, wonder wheel and more, use these services to help you, that’s why Google gives these to you and most are Free

* Local Directory Listings, get your business seen on these directories.

* List with Yahoo and Bing and other major Search Engine companies

* Use QR Codes for your website and specials

* Use Social Networking to your advantage, give people information on your business, advertise on the social networking sites, give away products, ask questions or run a survey or competition

* Check your keywords that you are using on your website

* If you are setting up a new website, use WordPress, it’s free, ranked well by Google and is easy to use

* Use Citations

* Setup a Client Database and keep in contact with your clients through the internet and mobile phone

* Setup your website to be mobile phone friendly

* Use reviews sites and add reviews to your website

By using the simple strategies above you are connecting with your clients on a more personal level and using systems that they want to use, plus these are all FREE.

Have Your Business Fly With Adobe Business Catalyst

Running a business is no joke and you’ll soon find it necessary to make a website of your own to showcase your company and what it can offer. But let’s be honest, web design and development is kind of in the arena of rocket science. It’s expensive and working with such different systems is frustrating and difficult and to get an elegant and professional-looking site with workable navigation you need to do more than just pull a few strings.

Adobe Business Catalyst is an all-in-one hosted Content Management System that does more of your clients need, wicked fast and more profitably. You can use Adobe Business Catalyst to build and manage your online businesses using a unified platform without the fuss of back-end coding. It’s remarkably easier because you can build whatever you can envision, from awesome websites to powerful online stores or even visually pleasing brochure-ware sites to lead generation nimi-sites.

Face it. Simple websites borne out of ancient methods just don’t cut it anymore. Clients want-demand more functionality and better results from their websites. This means you need to put up a website with business functionality that achieves business goals. Most clients would want an online business and that’s exactly what Adobe Business Catalyst’s specialty is.

Adobe Business Catalyst eliminates the pain that is ‘coding costs’. Bid goodbye to manually integrating multi-systems or installing tons of plug-ins to satisfy a single client. With Business Catalyst’s all-in-one system, you can lessen development time and instantly broadcast your workflow. This generally means you save yourself from a lot of spending and extra stress so you can maximize your profits.

Make your way into your client’s hear by designing a undoubtedly good-looking web site. Other systems have complex or restrictive themes that take ages to learn before you can use them to customize your site. With Adobe Business catalyst, you come up with whatever you want in HTML and CSS, and then insert its modules into your design.

Have complete control of your website and change anything at a whim. It’s as easy as changing TV channels. No more headaches about server updates or uptime or getting the latest patches. Business Catalyst has a secret team of superhero geeks who take care of that for you. Adobe BC is fully hosted and managed to ensure that you and your customers automatically receive all updates to their system.

Adobe Business Catalyst is affordable, progressive and meets all criteria of business professionals. Many companies have taken up on it and its strong features. You can do no wrong with it and your business is sure to expand with the extra lift Business Catalyst gives.